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  • Strategy frameworks for your success in technology adoption, product design, and business growth.

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Our Resources.

We share what we think will help you learn and adopt social business, business development, product design, and team building practices. Use and let us help revisit and improve the community products by sharing your feedback and suggestions.

Our Services.

We create and communicate ideas. We help you generate them using ideation frameworks. And, we train you to do both. All these through: content development, workshops, and training programmes.
We deliver our services following proven processes, guidelines, and project management practices.


We conduct workshops and ideation events on social business, business development, and product design. We use proven ideation frameworks and help you evolve your own strategies and action plans.


We reach your ideas to your target audience by establishing presence in print and digital/social media platforms. Our strength lies in content development, layout design, and web (mobile) design.


We identify skill gaps in your team and bridge them with our tailor-made training programmes in communication, management & IT, and life skills. Our programs are conducted by qualified professionals.

Why Younomy.

We are a team of diversified skills, backgrounds, interests, and experiences. We work with customers of all sizes, sectors, and on different types of projects. The diversity and our quest for learning are what help us stand out and create a unique value for you.

Problems we solve.

We are interested in picking up problems that come in the way of companies creating and communicating ideas; and delivering on their promises. We create frameworks that help companies generate, and organize their ideas; apply visual/design thinking to communicate their ideas; and train people to deliver.

Approaches we take.

We listen to customers and treat customers as co-creators. Instead of functioning as an external agency, we act like an extended team. We are learners. We love agile project management, as it helps us to think of value and improve operational efficiency. We are transparent in all our operations.

Our Team.

We are a team of professionals in brand building, business development, and training. Our core skills are writing, visual thinking, layout design; creating ideation frameworks for strategies; and training & mentoring. We are learners. We continue to hone our skills in areas like understanding customer’s needs and project management.


Managing Partner

Sankar is a writer and author. He is passionate about connecting with interesting management ideas and ideators. He is helping companies evolve strategies for social media.

Ram S Ramanathan


Ram is a C-level executive with 25+ years of experience in automotive, CPG, industrials, and technology. He specializes in life skills training, aiding individuals in self discovery.

A J Balasubramanian


AJB is an entrepreneurial manager with engineering/IT background. An expert in project/programme management, business plan, organizational development, and talent acquisition.

Kaushik Krishnan


Kaushik is an MBA from IIPM. Has worked for multinational IT and software companies in the areas of sales, marketing, and brand building.

Our Latest Thoughts.

Quick thoughts, initial sketches, informal sharings, and sometimes self-contained short articles (bonus: tyops). Blogs amply reflect our moods, spurts of energy, thought process.

September 2, 2014

A doodle of Social Funnel.

Brands go overboard about the quantity of following they have in social channels. More following is a great news. But it is of no use if brands do not know...

August 29, 2014

How about a co-created blog?.

Social media is a co-creation platform. The social technology gives the opportunity for a producer and consumer to jointly create value. This has been central to our...

August 27, 2014

Why Five Whys?.

Asking questions to customer is wrong when the customer wants to return something he or she has purchased. However, asking questions - as many as five times - is desirable when...

August 25, 2014

Cashing in On Brands, Literally.

A brand contributes to its owner in two ways: One, it helps in selling products at a premium, and two, generating cash flow quickly. The second aspect is technically known as...

August 23, 2014

PitchFest: Ideas for The Next Facebook.

Hotmail was invented by an Indian when he was in the US. Wouldn't the same guy done the same thing had he lived in India? Maybe or may not...