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Business Plans

Business Plan Writing Services

You need a business plan to raise capital, to let bankers or partners understand the feasibility of your business. Writing a business plan is an important – and often, the first – step in starting a business.

However, very often, founders are good at imagining about their business, but not at writing and presenting it for others to understand.

Why templates may not work

Business plans can be done using templates. But unfortunately, templates are usually created with specific businesses and sectors in mind. If your business is unique, it is better to avoid using templates. Also, high technology businesses and businesses that are different from conventional ones need different approach to creating a business plan.

Business plans should grab attention

The human tendency is to pay very little attention to new ideas – that too, for a very short span of time. This means that business plans should be concise and should be able to explain the business quickly to the audience and elicit interest from them to seek more information.

Visually Rich Business Plans

To describe your business to all constituents, you cannot rely on pages of text and expect your audience to know what you’re talking about. Complex ideas of a business have to be simplified with graphics, schematic diagrams and videos to grab the attention of the audience and convey the key ideas accurately and quickly. The new generation businesses models are to be explained visually to show the context and the eco-system.

Business plan writing is a multi-disciplinary team work

Good writers who can tell your story like a story are the key to writing a great business plan. But business plan writing is not just about writing. It is a joint exercise between the founders, the plan authors, accountants/financial professionals, and graphic designers. It is iterative and a multi-disciplinary team exercise.

Younomy’s business plan writing services

We understand different technologies and business domains. We talk the language of investors. We engage with you, collect inputs and create business plans with financial statements, competitive analysis and positioning. Our accountants create structured revenue projections, P and L, Cash flow projections, Balance sheets, and calculate the valuation by following different valuation approaches. Our graphic design team helps you make your presentations stunning and clear.

We are ready for iterations

Business plans always evolve with the changes in the internal and external environment. We can stay with you to accommodate the changes. We can assess, review the changes, and create new versions, as you work with your angel investors, venture capitalists or bankers.

Contact us. We have flexible compensation plans that can easily suit the budget of start-ups.