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Facebook, Twitter and A Pair of Shoes

Book on Social Business Released

November 13, 2014: 'Facebook, Twitter and a Pair of Shoes', a book of insightful ideas on social business presented with interesting stories, jokes, and news articles, was released here today.

Participating at the ‘industry book launch’ event, Mr Vinod K Dasari, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland presented the first copy of the book to Mr Venkatarangan, CEO, Vishwak Solutions.

Authored by Mr G Sankaranarayanan, the book carries the foreword of Prof M S Swaminathan, Chairman, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, and an advance praise from Prof Michael Schrage of MIT.

The book is meant for entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, and those who are looking for a better understanding of social media and social technologies from the business point of view. The book points out the vastly untapped potential of social media for value co-creation. The core message of the book is that social is bringing conversation back to business. Producers and customers can know each other well and create value together.

In his foreword Prof M S Swaminathan says that the value of social media comes from its interactive potential. Instead of monologue, it promotes meaningful dialogues. This book uses stories and humour to explain social business concepts. It also introduces many stimulating concepts such as humannovation (innovation with human face), social funnel (why brands need to convert their social followers into co-creators), and total value matrix (the four types of value a business can co-create with customers using social media).

He adds: “I hope this book will be widely read since it will add a new dimension to our understanding of social problems and social thinking.”

In his Praise for the Book, Prof Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business, and author, ‘Who Do You Want Your Customers To Be?’, says, "What makes the book so interesting and important is that it brings both a business philosophy and a design sensibility to social media as a collaborative technology. Even better, this philosophy and sensibility is useful and inspiring. The book encourages readers to go beyond treating social media as platforms for customer influence and information sharing to regarding them as tools for new value creation. Highly recommended".

In a press release, Sankaranarayanan, said that the book urges companies to make brands more likeable, make the process of value creation open for the participation of customers. “While talking about the impact of social media on business, it is not wise to avoid discussions on humanization, socialization and democratization of business. These are not feel good aspects but business imperatives. Ideas presented in this book will hopefully serve as an inspiration for business owners to think on these lines and take first steps.”

The book is published by Boardroom Bytes, a publishing division of Younomy. The list price of the ebook is Rs 250 or US$ 4. Currently, it is available at Amazon.in.

About the author

G Sankaranarayanan is the Managing Partner of Younomy, a management services firm, based out of Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. He specializes in writing on social business, co-creation and product innovation. Sankar has about 12 years of experience in business journalism, having worked for publications and newspapers including Industrial Economist and The Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Limited.

He conducts social business workshops for industries and industry bodies. Sankar has authors India CoCreates series of reports that detail how sectors like automobiles, healthcare and IT companies use social media for business.

For more information about 'Facebook, Twitter and a Pair of Shoes', please visit www.younomy.com/pairofshoes.html or contact the author: Mobile: 91-9790276206

Email: sankar@younomy.com