We storify your substance.

Grow Business. Go Social

No time to update your social media (like Facebook)? Know social is important, but do not have bandwidth? Can’t find people with social media skills or don’t want to have a full time staff or team? We can be your social media partner and take care of your social media presence.

Social platforms and update types

We manage your social media platforms and help you generate:

  • customer engagement
  • new business leads
  • ideas for your products/services
  • community of customers

Taking your brand reputation and business goals seriously, we create the following four types of social content:

Social Promo

Update your fans with your latest offerings using text and visuals.

Hotel Sign
Curated Content

Appreciate and share ideas - so what if it belongs to someone else!

Social Graphics

Greet, announce, call for action with creative 2D graphics.

Banjo Player
Idea Jam

Tap the wisdom of crowds. Engage and source ideas.

CASH framework

Using an ideation framework that we call CASH, we generate social content at the speed of thought. We use online tools for social media listening, interact with you/your team regularly, before creating social content that is worth sharing. We also take full responsibility to moderate comments and conversations.

Packages for every budget

Going by the periodicity you may require, we have the following three standard plans for you:

Silver Gold Platinum
2 posts a week 3 posts a week 4 posts a week

Packages are not limited. We can create an exclusive proposal for your brand and send it to you within 3 business days for your discussion and consideration. Send across your details in the contact form given below. (Or mail us at hello@younomy.com/call 9790276206)

Your data will be safe. No obligations to use our services.