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How about a co-created blog?.

Social media is a co-creation platform. The social technology gives the opportunity for a producer and consumer to jointly create value. This has been central to our social business/social media services.

No industry is an exception. Recently, I had an interesting discussion on co-creation with the managers of a food industry. It was a one-day workshop conducted for the managers of Elite Foods, a health food company, at Thrissur, Kerala on December 2, 2014. The company is supposedly the largest plum cake manufacturer in India. It produces about 2500 tonnes of all kinds of cake in a year.

I used Youbars as an example for mass-customization in food industry. The participants were heads of many different functional departments such as production, quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, human resource, and information technology. (The more diverse the audience the more ownership for a social business initiative). They were excited at the potential applications of co-creation principles in their industry.

For instance, social customers can customize a product like cake: the combination of flour, sugar, egg, butter or oil; flavorful ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, and extracts. They can even design cake decorations and send their design as an image file for the producer to make it.

I hope Elite Foods will soon introduce an innovative social idea. Hope we will have more consumer product companies using social technology to let customers make food more personal and food making more participatory.

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